Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back At It

Welcome back, students of 2012-2013!

Check out some of the art that's been made over the last few years in our little Art Room.

 Last summer we took home plenty of awards at the San Diego County Fair, including Best of Show!

 This was a crazy and flattering surprise.  A student painted my portrait in watercolor and won a first place ribbon for it!
 In 7th grade last year we printed some owl templates from here and created our own 3-D trees on the bulletin board to show them off.  Then we made storyboards showing what unique characters and stories each owl had.

 Our advanced students took advantage of a Craig's List steal and transformed some old  surfboards into beautiful canvases for surf inspired art.

 And these silly Junior Highers chose to make themselves even more adorable with these great self portraits.

  (The ears are quite accurate on this guy.)

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